We Have Many Different Ways to Donate to NAFE-US and Our Projects
One-Time Donation

One Time Donations

Help us by making a one-time donation to our general fund. You can choose from the amounts below or enter your own amount.

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50-in-50 Subscription

50-in-50 Subscription

A little goes a long way. Our goal is to have 50 people, in each of the 50 U.S. states, commit to donating at least $10 a month, collectively generating over $300,000 per year. For the cost of a monthly Netflix account or a fancy coffee, you could make a real difference in the lives of these precious children! Be a “point of light” in your state with a pin on our map with a donation to NAFE US. Soon, the entire United States will be lit up with your generosity. Get your friends to donate as well, and help your state really shine!

Monthly Donation
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Global 10 Subscription

Global 10 Subscription

If you live outside the United States, you can create a donate subscription through our Global 10 Program. The goal is to light up your country with pins in our donation map. We will highlight those countries who show the most support for children through social media shout outs.

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Your Donation Provides
  • Create schools and provide ongoing support to educating children.
  • Develop and expand our current school in Peru
  • Teach and implement life skills which encourage independence and empowerment within the children, ultimately changing their outcome.
  • Provide exams and eye glasses for children in need both domestically and abroad through our Bright Eyes, Bright Future Project
  • Develop NAFE-US and partner after school programs, both domestic and abroad
    • The LAB
    • The Amaru Project
    • School of Life Foundation
NAFE US Donations

More Ways to Give

Sponsor A Student

There are many hard-working youth out there who would love the opportunity to serve in another country, but simply can’t afford it. You or your business could provide the means for a student to visit Peru, gaining an educational life experience not learned in a classroom. There are several types of sponsorships:

  • VolunTour — $2,799, this would provide a two-week VolunTour for a student, including airfare. This sponsorship would provide everything for the student.
  • VolunTour without airfare — $1,999, this would provide all but the flight to and from Lima, Peru.
  • Volunteer Experience — 3 months for $2,199 or 6 months for 2,999. This includes airfare, travel to the project, volunteer fees and room and board.

If you would like to be the recipient of a SAS sponsorship, send us your resume and a cover letter describing what you hope to give through your experience as well as what you hope to gain from it. Email

Give Supplies

We always need new/used books, electronic devices (for educational purposes) and clothing for the children. Mailing the supplies directly to Peru is a gamble. There is a strong likelihood your donation will never make it to the children. However, we travel to Peru on a regular basis and would be happy to take your donation to the children ourselves. If you would like picture confirmation of its arrival, we are happy to provide that as well.

  • For questions and information on donating to NAFE, email
  • Supplies should be mailed to:

1382 W 1700 S
Cedar City, UT 84720-5103

Share Your Creative Teaching Ideas

Send us projects you have used with kids, ages 4-18, to teach subjects and concepts. You can email us or post ideas to our social media sites. We would love to use them in our classes. visit our Pinterest board to see ideas shared by you and others.

Invite a Friend to Support NAFE US

Sign up for our newsletter and pass it along to your friends and family. Spread the word on social media as well.

Support NAFE US While Shopping


When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to NAFE US. Support us everytime you shop. Sign up by clicking here

Smiths Food and Drug

You can also donate to NAFE US when you shop at Smiths Food and Drug. If you do not have a digital account, you’ll need to sign up for one in order to donate. You can do so at:  Once you have created and/or signed in to your account, click on your name to access your account details. At the bottom of your account page, click on the “enroll” button under Community Rewards. You can search for us by name or by entering our number, 72075.