Our Partnerships

We want to help youth globally and it is important to us that we provide educational and growth opportunities to the youth right here in the United States, as well as any country with youth looking for the benefits of living/studying abroad and giving their time and talents in the service of others.

School of Life

School of Life is a life-skilled based nonprofit foundation in the United States that specifically targets high school students who are at risk of not graduating. We have partnered with them in two ways:

  1. Fundraisers. Coordinating and executing community fundraisers for the benefit of expanding both School of Life and NAFE US programs and services. To volunteer at a fundraiser, email  fundraise@nafe-us.org
  2. Sponsor a Student. We will solicit local businesses to provide merit-based sponsorships to interested students who have graduated the School of Life program and would like to volunteer in Peru with NAFE US as a part of a tour group. This would be an experiential capstone course within the School of Life curriculum. To sponsor a student, click here.  (Donation page, SAS section) For more information about sponsoring a student, email fundraise@nafe-us.org.

To learn more about School of Life, visit them at www.schooloflifefoundation.org.

Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University supports NAFE US by providing its students learning opportunities in three ways. They offer:

  1. Credit to students who work as volunteer coordinator.
  2. Credit to students wanting to complete their EDGE projects by helping organize our fundraisers.
  3. A Study abroad program using our tour to Peru, and eventually, other tours which fit their paradigm of experiential education.

For more information about SUU, visit their website: www.suu.edu.

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