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The culture of the highlands in Peru is rich in culture and tradition, with strength in community and a love and respect within the family that spans generations.  Their lifestyle is simple–a simplicity that we often crave in our very complex world.  

The world is changing and the younger generations of these mountain villages are wanting more than a simple life of plowing fields and milking cows, tucked away from the rest of the world.  They want to have all the modern conveniences we have–and who could blame them?  The world is moving forward and quite rapidly.  These young people just want to jump aboard and feel the wind on their faces along with the rest of us.  So they are heading to the cities in search of a modern life, but they lack the job skills needed to thrive outside of their native environment.  Many have not even received proper educations.

The Ccano family opened their home to NAFE-US as a homestay experience in the village of Quello Quello at Amaru.  We fell in love with the charming village and asked them what they need.  More than anything, they said the children need to learn English.  If they can speak English, a world of job opportunities open up to them.

Carson, on the left, scouted out this project for NAFE-US. On the right are a few of our host family.

NAFE-US Executive Director, Maria Simpson preparing the big midday feast on planting day with the Ccano family matriarch.








NAFE-US has found a simple and effective way aid the people of Amaru.  We are taking the same experiential, immersive English program offered at our school, Mis Manos Montessori, and have created an after-school program focused almost entirely on teaching children English.  We use fun, interactive teaching methods in order to keep the children engaged.  The project runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school, all months except December.   Volunteers can enjoy three days in the sanctuary of the highlands, while leaving time to explore the region on their time off, if they so choose.  It is the perfect scenario.  This village is eager for our help, and even better, all volunteer accommodations are already set up.  

The Ccano Family.

The Ccano family has opened their home to hosting the after-school program as well as any volunteers who help out at the project. They have a beautiful home that is well kept. Volunteers can rest easy in private or shared rooms, while enjoying traditional Q’uechuan food cooked by a trained chef. They offer traditional clothing for guests to wear and the chance to work the land and care for the animals along side them. What a fantastic opportunity to immerse ourselves in this unique culture while making a difference in the lives of children!

Don’t mistake the set up for a canned tourist experience.  This is the real thing.  We just want you to rest assured that your accommodations will be safe and comfortable.

We are always looking for volunteers!  Come for three days or three months, we are flexible and would love to work with you!

We are currently looking for a project coordinator for June and July 2017, as well as someone to take over in January 2018.  This person must enjoy children, be outgoing and enthusiastic, be resourceful and feel confident in teaching three days a week in an immersive, hands-on environment.   

This would be a great opportunity for someone wanting to live abroad, learn Spanish or boost their resume while having the experience of a lifetime.  If you would like to know more about his position, contact Maria at