"The School of Life is entered by all, and everyone must live it. Those who realize their full potential Achieve Straight A's while in it!"





The School of Life Foundation

The School of Life Foundation (S.O.L.F.) is a 501(c)3 founded by Jack & Lexie Rolfe. The Straight “A’s” in Life formula was developed and written from the Rolfe’s life experiences. Mr. Rolfe had 2 objects (basketball and a wheelchair) that helped to shape his life. The wheelchair represents more than 28 years of working as a physical therapist with the elderly in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and their own homes. The basketball represents 20 years of coaching girls’ basketball in little leagues, middle school, high school, college, and WNBA camps. Many life lessons were learned while working with the senior population and the young people simultaneously.

The School of Life Foundation is committed to the positive growth of youth, as well as offering the S.O.L.F. skill-set to professionals. S.O.L.F. donates their workbook, Learn To “School” Your Toughest Opponent, and accompanying training program to schools. The book offers life-guiding principles that encourage gratitude, teach the varying aspects of integrating a new way of thinking, inside and outside the box, and a strong sense of self to help achieve “straight A’s in the school of life.” Many of their partner schools are implementing the School of Life program as Tier 2 of their Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) system to enhance their school culture.

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The School of Life Foundation aims to disrupt troublesome high school dropout rates throughout the United States. In a seven day period, the current number of U.S. high school drop-outs would fill the entire Kentucky collegiate football stadium (approx. 58,000 to 60,000 seats). That’s around 8,300 failing students per day. Nearly 3,030,000 students a year will receive no diploma. Life for the high school dropout is nothing short of haunting. Upon early termination, under-educated youth will discover that 90% of all potential jobs will remain beyond their reach and that nearly 75% of all crimes in the U.S. are committed by their dropout peers. –Source: Education Week, Children Trends Database. Research Date: 1.1.2014.

Additional estimates indicate that the cost to society in dollars numbers $292,000.00 on average per drop out. This cost alone is unsustainable and does not begin to reach emotional and social ramifications. –Source: Jason M. Breslow, By the Numbers: Droping Out of High School, September 21, 2012, FRONTLINE-Education-Dropout Nation


*Increase High School Graduation Rates*

“The School of Life is entered by all, and everyone must live it. Those who realize their full potential achieve Straight A’s while in it!”

The School of Life curriculum involves a 10 step formula fundamentally based on how to obtain success, peace, and happiness in the “School of Life”.  Each step is an “A” with a simple homework assignment. For example the first “A” is Appreciation. Learn how having gratitude in your life can impact you in many ways. Your homework to achieve this “A” is sending a thank you message to someone every week!