Teaching discipline in scholastic endeavors, giving or receiving help when needed, and understanding and living the benefits of education and volunteerism.


Teaching and reinforcing, experientially, the value of money, saving and budgeting in today’s world.


Providing enriching cultural and community driven experiences outside the child’s current paradigm and reinforcing the value of positive entertainment.


The importance of physical fitness and using exercise as an effective means to manage stress and emotions.


The mission of The L.A.B., which is an acronym for “Life After Basketball”, is to provide a platform for youth basketball players to be holistically prepared to transition from the athletic arena to the next phases of their lives smoothly and successfully. The foundation of our program lies with the four “E’s” ; Education, Entertainment, Exercise, and Economics. Through this foundation we use various cultural and lifestyle experiences as well as practical life skills development, to prepare our participants for the future, if and or when their athletic career comes to an end.

The program is currently designed for youth basketball players in the Metro Detroit area.  Through the foundation of the 4 Es, we introduce the participants to various life experiences and skills development that they normally would not have in a basketball setting. They will gain knowledge about college/life opportunities, commitment to education, community engagement, and practical solutions to everyday issues along with improving at the game of basketball.  Participants receive exposure inside and outside of their community, constantly communicating with positive role models, and are given a clearer vision of what the world has to offer.  Through these varied forms of guidance and education, these young people will have the opportunity to develop personally and athletically to reach their full potential.

The culture of basketball has become very selfish and has lost its focus. The sport is frequently not an avenue for athletic success, or for a strong base for achievement outside of the athletic realm.  Many kids who do not develop to the point of looking at receiving an athletic scholarship are thrown to the side with no guidance. These are the kids who need the most direction, as they have frequently received little or no guidance beyond that point. We have seen promising young people lose their way.  The L.A.B. focuses on aspects deeper than the surface of basketball. We provide student athletes with the necessary resources to reach their full athletic potential, while also exposing them to life without athletics.  These experiences allow them to be aware of opportunities that exist when their basketball career ends, and offer them similar advantages that a college level athlete will have. Over time, The L.A.B. has created an environment where student athletes are able to utilize resources on and off the court that allow them equal opportunity to develop and excel in life.

Developing and growing The L.A.B. as a project of NAFE-US and with their team continues to be a fantastic opportunity as our missions are perfectly aligned.  We hope to incorporate young women into the program in 2018, as well as take a group of participants to volunteer in Peru at the NAFE-US School, Mis Manos Montessori and The Amaru Project.   

We have much to do for the youth of Detroit and beyond.  RISE UP and join us!    




Founder of The L.A.B., Marcus Stout was raised in Southfield, Michigan. He had a very successful prep basketball career.  He started at Detroit Renaissance High School from 2000-2004. His team won two City Championships and one State Championship.  After a successful high school career, Stout received an athletic scholarship to attend Fordham University.

His career at Fordham included making the Atlantic 10 conference All Rookie Team and the Atlantic 10 All Conference Team. He is the #6 scorer in school history with 1,709 career points and #2 on the schools all time three-pointers made list.  Stout graduated with a degree in Business Administration in 2008. Stout was inducted into the Fordham Athletic Hall Of Fame in 2014 and received an Eastern College Athletic Conference Legends award in 2016 for his playing career while at Fordham.

Following his collegiate career, Stout played in the NBA Summer League with the Detroit Pistons. He also played professionally in Austria and England.  After his professional career, Stout began to train basketball players of all levels in the Metro Detroit area with Impact Basketball where he and his partner Toby Tansil started development teams, trained NBA players, and hosted camps abroad in Lebanon.  Along with the success of the youth players on the court, a huge component of the training program was assisting the players off the court. This included helping kids get into college with and without an athletic scholarship, and working through challenging personal problems to allow the kids to prosper personally, on the court and in school.

In 2015, Stout moved to New York where he currently resides. He works with Pro Hoops Training Company. Pro Hoops has many programs for youth in the New York area and works with numerous college and NBA players. In the 2016 NBA Draft, Stout trained 3 of the top 10 picks; #2 pick Brandon Ingram (Duke/ LA Lakers), #7 pick Jamal Murray (Kentucky/ Denver Nuggets), #10 pick Thon Makers (Milwaukee Bucks).

Through his experiences, Stout’s passion to guide youth players in the awareness of the opportunities that the game of basketball presents, and more importantly, showing youth what life outside of basketball can offer.  This passion led him to found The L.A.B. in his home state of Michigan, where he is very active with players of all ages and abilities.  The L.A.B. is a program that bridges an ever expanding gap. Stouts purpose and drive is to educate, mentor and expose youth players to the success he experienced on the court, while invigorating their drive off the court.

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 Darrin was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. He attended North Farmington High School where he played basketball for Coach Tom Negoshian from 2001-2005.  After graduation, Rawls continued his basketball career on the collegiate level at Macomb Community College, followed by attending Oakland University where he studied Business. Rawls is currently a professional in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry, however, his passion for basketball, and the betterment of youth today will always be a driving force in his life.  This passion led Rawls to become a Certified Personal Trainer. In this capacity he has worked with many promising athletes.

Rawls was an integral part of the growth of Impact Basketball of Michigan as an Assistant Performance Coordinator. He worked alongside The L.A.B. Founder Marcus Stout  helping to bring the Impact program to many of Metro Detroit’s youth.

Rawls passion for basketball and youth has allowed him to effect the lives of many young people. He is a great asset to our youth and a vital member of The L.A.B. team.

Darrin can be reached at

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